On this website, you will discover POCUS materials that will make learning medical topics simple and approachable. In addition, the website was created to help instructors who want to start their own ultrasound projects. Thus, we have prepared a set of learning objectives, which we believe each medical school graduate should obtain in the course of their study, along with a Powerpoint presentation that occupies all topics encompassed in the learning objectives, which can be used for teaching or conducting workshops.


The materials and learning objectives are divided into two steps:

  • Fundamentals: At this stage, students use ultrasound probe for better understanding of basic medical sciences, such as anatomy and physiology, while also learning the basic physical principles of ultrasonography and knobology.
  • Clinical examination: The second stage targets those students who have already been acquainted with propaedeutics. The aim for the student is to understand the role of bedside ultrasound in propaedeutic examination, identify the most common pathologies, interpret the findings, and evaluate them.


The use of the material is based on the model of building blocks. Learning objectives and pictorial materials can be used separately and adjusted to suit the aims of your workshop.


We want the website to come to life and serve as a platform where materials are shared and exchanged. Thus, we invite all student ultrasound projects who have experience in and knowledge of bedside ultrasound in the topics that we are currently lacking, to contact us and help us bring our learners the best learning experience possible. Together we will strive to draw new connections, prepare revised materials, and create new objectives, which will then be published on our website.